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Unrestricted Ventures, a dynamic startup at the forefront of the investment and acquisition search industry. Our pioneering AcquiMatch service is revolutionizing the way clients connect with their ideal business acquisitions, blending cutting-edge technology with bespoke expertise to navigate the bustling market of small business opportunities. 

Athena Simpson

Athena Simpson

Anke Badenhorst

Anke Badenhorst

Ryan Tansey

Ryan Tansey
Vetting Director


Mausam Devi
Lead Generation Manager


  1. No Tolerance for Average: Pursuing excellence in everything, we always strive to outperform ourselves.

  2. Business is a Love Language: We live and breathe business, embracing every opportunity to learn and improve.

  3. Relentless Results: We hate stagnation, we proactively chase outcomes and impactful achievements, turning initiative into action.

  4. Leave 'Em Better Than We Found 'Em: No matter who we interact with, we prioritize relationship building as it's the foundation of our business.

  5. Fuel Beyond Work: We're committed but never at the cost of our well-being. Embracing health, nurturing relationships, and seeking nourishment for the soul, we ensure we thrive in life to bring our best selves to work.

  6. Own It, Ace It: We stand behind our work and actions. Accountability isn’t just a principle; it’s our identity.

  7. Spark Joy in the Journey: We love what we do, celebrating wins big and small, and fostering a positive and engaging work environment.